Steel Pulse "True Democracy" (1982) LP
Steel Pulse "True Democracy" (1982) LP

Steel Pulse "True Democracy" (1982) LP

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Celebrating 40 years of Steel Pulse's True Democracy! 

Originally released in 1982 on Warner Music Group's Elektra label, Steel Pulse's True Democracy has become one of the most pivotal albums in Reggae music with classics "Your House," "Chant a Psalm" and more.

Out of print on vinyl since the early 2000s and limited to only 500 copies, we are honored to re-issue this groundbreaking album on a beautiful yellow base with red and green splatter. 

Side One
1. Chant a Psalm
2. Ravers
3. Find It Quick!
4. A Who Responsible
5. Worth His Weight

Side Two
1. Leggo Beast
2. Blues Dance Raid
3. Your House
4. Man No Sober
5. Dub Marcus Say